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An image of Miriam, a Vidsy Creator

When you’re not working on Vidsy briefs, what do you get up to professionally?

A lot of things! I am currently pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Graphic Design at the University of Houston. I was offered a working position at the university as well, so in between classes I work as a Graduate Assistant at The Arts & Technology Center where I guide or troubleshoot students who are crafting their next class project. I love all disciplines of art and design, so I constantly try to spend time either learning or practicing those.

What are your ambitions career-wise?

Oh boy, what don’t I want to achieve? I recognize I have received many opportunities for which I am thankful for, so while life likes to be spontaneous and I like to keep things interesting, I’ll keep my dreams big!

Ideally, I would work mostly for myself, from home, and be relatively location independent meaning I would, in essence, be a digital nomad, but instead of spending a few months somewhere, I would enjoy the perks of really slow travel! Travel so slow, the neighbors would forget I was once a foreigner when sharing a deeply thoughtful conversation in their native language. But before “jumping around” like that, I would actually like to work in the industry, in a design studio for a while (estimated time: undetermined), simply because that would be a whole different experience on its own! Then, I am thinking of retiring into teaching at a nice university somewhere.

An image of Miriam, a Vidsy Creator

What attracted you to this career path?

When I finally stopped neglecting the fact that I could not carry myself happily through a veterinary degree, I was unexpectedly introduced to the world of graphic design. It was undoubtedly everything I have always been attracted to and found myself doing or learning about when on a break from all the natural science homework. The implementation of art through creative development and problem-solving, the understanding and inclination towards the social sciences, communication and storytelling, both in theory and practice. Design is so interesting to me!

I believe design touches on every aspect of our human life in one way or another, and of course, to understand it you cannot simply read about it. There is a need to keep exploring, experiencing, and learning about basically everything! I find it to be the perfect excuse to seek travel, learn a different language, talk to strangers and learn from their stories, experience other cultures at a more personal level, and that is something I have dreamed of doing for most of my life. The odds of fulfilling this life dreams seem a little higher with this career that can be so much more flexible than working as a vet’s office 🙂

How does working with Vidsy help you achieve these ambitions?

Well, for starters, Vidsy let me jump on board without having to move too close to the boat, so that’s a big step already. Although Vidsy is not my first remote gig, I have gotten better and more exciting briefs that have helped me expand on my expertise. This, in turn, has given me the confidence and ability to think bigger, or at least a little more outside of the box, for possible outcomes to developing my projects for both art and research purposes at the grad studio. Not to mention the extra cash is helping me pay off my student debt!

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