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An image of George, a Vidsy Creator

What do you get up to professionally?

I work professionally as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Motion Designer. I recently landed a Senior Designer role, which I’m excited about.

What are your ambitions career-wise?

To someday be the minister of creativity and design for my birth country Ghana. My aim is to join the growth she is undertaking while evolving the mindsets of the Ghanaians and Africans through design.

An image of George, a Vidsy Creator

What attracted you to this career path?

The flexibility and innovation. I realised I would be able to work, earn some income on my own terms while being able to have time for family and other projects I am passionate about.

How does working with Vidsy help you achieve these ambitions?

While I work with Vidsy, I develop and practice my skills as a Motion Designer. I also learn how to follow precise instructions to create epic work for global brands. The flexibility of creating work with Vidsy has also given me time to develop other design skills I have always wanted to, such as digital illustrations. All these help me to be a better designer and creator. Thank you, Vidsy.

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