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An image of Carla, a Vidsy Creator

When you’re not working on Vidsy briefs, what do you get up to professionally?

More freelance work! I’m currently working remotely for two small agencies from my country (Venezuela), managing old direct clients and any new work I can find. I’m also doing a lot of online courses and just finishing a Nuke 10-month course.

What are your ambitions career-wise?

My top goal is to work making VFX, character animation or any type of motion graphic work that gets me working for movie companies.

An image of Carla, a Vidsy Creator

What attracted you to this career path?

The difficulty. At the beginning of college, I just loved how the world of animation and video editing worked: the hours spent working, which led to perfect motion graphics. Just wow! And I really hate still graphics 😉

How does working with Vidsy help you achieve these ambitions?

I’m a Venezuelan immigrant in Spain. Vidsy appeared in my life after three months of stress and struggling after the move. When Vidsy’s ad showed in my Instagram stories saying that I only had to upload my work–no talking to clients, no lowering my rates (actually upgrading them!), no stress–and I get paid, I was like, wow! Vidsy allowed me to work when everything else was a closed option for me! No paperwork, no long period of waiting to be given a chance, no losing time trying to read the clients’ minds.I’m getting more work from clients that will don’t know I exist if it wasn’t for you guys. Vidsy made it happen!


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