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An image of April, a Vidsy Creator

When you’re not working on Vidsy briefs, what do you get up to professionally?

I work at a major broadcasting network as a Motion and Graphic Designer.

What are your ambitions career-wise?

My ambition is to become an animator that can animate in any style for every format.

An image of April, a Vidsy Creator

What attracted you to this career path?

I was attracted to broadcasting because I love how so many people come together to form one show. In college, as I was studying graphic design, I learned about motion design and fell in love. I loved how I was able to make my designs move and have personality.

How does working with Vidsy help you achieve these ambitions?

Vidsy has allowed me to learn more about animating for social media. The format is completely different and you have to design differently than the typical 16:9. I’m not always animating at my current job and Vidsy allows me to continue to animate on my free time with high-end clients. Each client allows me to design and animate in a completely different style.

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