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An image of Alejandro, a Vidsy Creator

When you’re not working on Vidsy briefs, what do you get up to professionally?

I’m a graphic designer, and from the very beginning of my studies it was the animation part that always caught my attention. I’m focused on expressing my style through that branch of design for the time being, making videos for social networks and ads. Sometimes I also edit videos for YouTube! I also worked in advertising and creative agencies full-time, but for now I’m mostly dedicated to working freelance. That’s why I found myself interested in Vidsy.

And when I’m not designing or working in other ways, I love playing video games, especially RPGs, and I’m also an anime fan!

What are your ambitions career-wise?

My professional ambition is to be known as my own brand, to be known for being creative, especially in the area of motion graphics and 3D character design.

An image of Alejandro, a Vidsy Creator

What attracted you to this career path?

When I was younger, before deciding on a career, I was a little confused because in my country, graphic design was not highly valued. I started studying chemical engineering, but where I was studying was also the faculty of architecture and design. One day I passed by and saw a guy taking photos from the roof of the studio building and saw great paintings and many artistic things and I couldn’t believe it! “You can really earn money making art”, I thought. That’s where I started digging further, until I decided to change my career and do what I really liked. From there, my professional life changed a lot, studying became a pleasure rather than an obligation, and, well here I am!

How does working with Vidsy help you achieve these ambitions?

Vidsy allows me to continue working on what I love, with big brands, and get paid for it. It has really taught me a lot professionally, like how to organize my work and my time. I’ve become better at working under different conditions and timelines. Vidsy has also helped me improve my knowledge in advertising, which is something I have been doing for quite some time, so learning something new with every project has only made me more eager to learn and become better. I really have a lot to thank Vidsy for.

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